Currently: Animatic Editor


Also: Videographer,

Photographer, Design Thinker

Hi, I'm Lauren!


I'm an animatic editor with experience in animation production and film/video. I love getting to bring people together through humor and heart, and value the people and culture on a project just as much!  I studied a bit of design thinking in school too, so I appreciate thought in the details and the process of iterative problem-solving.


I’ve cut mostly in Adobe Premiere and FCP7 so far, with some Avid in college. Whatever the tool, I’m a quick learner and team player who can bridge creative/technical gaps and adapt to different work styles.


In my spare time I like to shoot adventure/landscape photos, take on escape room games, and just enjoy good company! Recently I picked up playing the drums again as well, and started dabbling in film photography.


Thanks for your time!

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