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Service Design, Spring 2014

Compass is a career mentoring program (comparable to freshman orientation groups) that seeks to reduce career-related stress on campus by providing an accessible, relatable means of support by students, for students. My team of four was challenged to find a way to improve mental/emotional health at Northwestern in our Human-Centered Service Design class, during Spring 2014. (Teammates: Jackie Gallo, Arturo Montalvan, Eric Kennedy)

Process Work

Stakeholder Map - Who plays a role in the life of a stressed NU student?

Narrowing down the scope of our challenge to career-induced stress

Developing our Point of View

Delving into personas

We came up with over 150 ideas to address career-related stress and prototyped three of them in the next couple weeks. This culminated in the blueprint of a career mentoring program, resembling the freshman orientation support system. We wanted to keep all the touchpoints in mind here, starting from the moment people learn about our program to the time they leave.

This was my first exposure to the design thinking process and still one of my favorite classes at Northwestern. It inspired me to pursue the Segal Design Certificate!


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