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industrial design


UI/UX, Spring 2016. Interface design for an image-based font identification app. Users can either snap a picture of a font they want to identify or search along conversational terms (i.e. "coca cola font") to learn more about any typeface, its history and common uses/pairings, etc. Users can also explore what fonts are trending and save favorite typefaces to their library. Ideally, anyone on the spectrum from casual font lover to professional typeface designer could find some real use in this app!


Responsible for initial concept but otherwise awesome Team of 6: Josh Shi, Steven Layne, Tatiana Dalton, Lejia Duan, Jason Yuan.


Industrial Design, Winter 2016. A Narwhal trash can! We were challenged to design a random product (trash can) for a random demographic (girls 7-8 years old) as a class-long warm-up in my Industrial Design class, and this is what I came up with. My goal was to inject fun into the form factor and experience of garbage duty.


Industrial Design, Spring 2016. Loop is a futuristic "lens-cap-like" interface that turns the back of any favorite lens into a functioning camera. Inspired by a class project to design for the future of a hobby (in my case, photography!). DSGN 380-2 Industrial Design Projects, Spring 2016.


Industrial Design, Winter 2016. Simply put, Kontur is a more comfortable drawing bench for artists (in long figure drawing sessions etc.). Our assignment was to redesign seating for a building on campus, leveraging only cardboard as the material; and we chose the art building to prototype some scaled solutions for.





Service/Exp., Spring 2014

Industrial Design, Fall 2014

UI/UX Design, Winter 2015

Career mentoring program to improve mental/emotional health at Northwestern. Team of 4.

A sleek, portable cane-walker to improve senior mobility for the handicapped aboard Virgin Airlines.

An app to help college students alleviate awkward noise confrontation in dorms. Team of 3.

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