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Eighty-Nine Robotics (2016)

Indiegogo campaign video for Rook, the world’s first fly-from-anywhere home drone. I helped Eighty-Nine Robotics bring this video from conception to completion in the span of a month leading into their campaign launch, from initial script coverage and shooting to edits, sound, feedback, and polish / motion graphics.


About a week into the campaign, Rook is already over 200% funded and has gotten press coverage from NBC, Discovery Channel, Yahoo, Gizmag, and more; check out the ongoing campaign here!! (Feb. 2016)

I met the people behind Rook through Northwestern's entrepreneurial community, where I also served as a videographer for EPIC's (Entrepreneurship in Action) branding team doing some similar videos as a one-man team. Here are a few:

Northwestern University Venture Challenge 2015

Short video to get participants in Northwestern University's 2015 Venture Challenge pumped up before the competition, by chatting with local startup (and past winners) AMPY. AMPY is a cool wearable that allows you to charge your phone as you move. I produced this video entirely on my own, from conception to final export, in the span of three weeks.

EPIC Culture Video

Documentary-style short to convey the "umbrella" structure and community nature of the entrepreneurship organization on campus. Sole videographer.

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