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Industrial Design, Fall 2014

Stride is a sleek, portable cane-walker to improve senior mobility for the handicapped aboard Virgin Airlines. We were tasked with designing a brand-consistent product for a randomly-chosen company (Virgin Airlines) and demographic (men 65-70).


DSGN 320 Intro to Industrial Design, Fall 2014.

Process Work

First we were given a random demographic (men 65-70) and brand (Virgin Airlines) to design for.

My first instinct was to map out everything that comes to mind when I think of these two design goals, to seek out connections and potential whitespaces to address.

I also created an image/mood board to get a better feel for Virgin's culture and brand, as the solution needs to be consistent with that brand.

I noticed a contrast between the trendy, youthful vibe Virgin Airlines prides itself on and the potential elderly user, who may be less mobile and more set in their ways.


But I also found an intersection between Virgin and your typical grandpa (persona below) in a timeless love of travel at heart and in a sense of hospitality I can really draw on in whatever I design.

In light of research and narrowing the scope of the problem, I decided to focus on designing for  65-70 year olds who are mobility-impaired. Tight aisles, cramped seats, and long international flights are tough for anyone, but especially for seniors who have trouble getting around (Not to mention canes and walkers are a tight fit).


How might we create a solution that improves the flight experience for handicapped men 65-70 yet  still carries a sleek and approachable consistency with Virgin's brand?


As such, I started researching existing forms of walkers, canes, crutches, scooters, etc. for inspiration - anything that helps these seniors get around. I knew the product would have to be light, maneuverable in tight spaces, store-able, and stable - a reliable and reusable short-term mobility solution for the flight.

The final concept for Stride was born when I crossed a cane and a walker... it's functional, aesthetic, and practical (foldable) and draws on Virgin's  attention to hospitality.

Here's the final storyboard with Stride in use. I was thinking of Virgin Airlines' awesome / unique / approachable safety videos when figuring out how I'd visually approach this and stay consistent to the brand.

That's Stride!


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