Hi, I'm Lauren!


If you're here for work stuff - I'm currently an animatic editor with a background in animation production and videography. I'm driven by connecting people through humor and heart, and value the people and culture on a team just as much. Whatever the tool, I’m a quick learner and proactive team player who can bridge creative/technical gaps and adapt to different work styles, with both details and bigger context in mind.


If we're talking outside work - I'm from the Bay Area originally, and studied film and design thinking at Northwestern University before moving to LA in March 2017 to pursue animation. I draw a lot of recent inspiration from getting outside, connecting with people, and pushing my comfort zone in small ways. I have a soft spot for a good baked good and love capturing experiences with a camera too, film or digital!


Fast forward to the pandemic, I packed my LA stuff into storage to "full send WFH," which has brought me to Portland, OR most recently, and tbd! At this juncture I'm open to conversations about working/living anywhere!


Thanks for your time!

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